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Limnal Lacrimosa, 2022

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This signed 12" x 12" photograph is titled Limnal Lacrimosa, an installation in Kalispell Montana. Mary collected snow melt and rainwater, some that had dripped through holes in the building’s roof. Cycling water through tubing just below the ceiling, she evoked the feeling of rain inside the building.  The drips were caught in lachrymatory vessels while the sounds of the droplets hitting the containers echoed throughout the space. Eventually the vessels filled, and water spilled onto the floor before the cycle repeated itself. Slowing in the colder months and speeding up in the warmer months, the drips kept time.

The artwork was prompted by Kōbō Abe’s novel The Woman in the Dunes, a story about two people who must forever remove sand from a building. It was driven by the speed of geologic change in Glacier National Park, or Glacier Time

Printed in a limited edition of 10. 

50% of proceeds go to the Swale project